Mariano Rinaldi Goni  (MAO)

Project Valkyries

In July 2006 MAO will have an exhibition about the topic "Valkyries" at Galerie Deschler in Berlin. The exhibition is supported by Hartmut Koschyk (member of parliament) and artMbassy (Rome, Berlin).

It is accompanied with a sound installation realized by the artist in cooperation with Paolo Casalini (Rome).

Besides this MAO presents so called "etymological boxes": linguistic-graphical experiments.

This event is the beginning of an international project, which will be going on over several years in different cities: Breslau, Bergen, Bayreuth, Reykjavik.

For many years MAO's paintings have focused on the Nordic-Germanic Mythology of the gods. The Nordic female messengers -the Valkyries- of the supreme god Wotan are his special interest. The Valkyries bring dead heroes from the battlefield to Walhall, the Nordic paradise.

MAO goes beyond Wagner's interpretation. He seeks the pure traditional story and brings a personal modern view to this subject.